Cleanroom at the Natural Science and Engineering Research Lab (NSERL)

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The UTD Cleanroom Research Laboratory is a facility with filtered, vertical laminar flow air, equipped with versatile semiconductor process research equipment assembled for the purpose of supporting university research in the fields of microelectronics, electronic materials, nanotechnology, MEMS, lithography, optics, and other areas requiring a particle-free environment. The Cleanroom Research Laboratory at the University of Texas at Dallas offers an excellent location for various technical organizations and companies to carry out research activities. The Laboratory includes facilities for device fabrication and characterization with a range of equipment, such as plasma etch, PECVD, LPCVD, Metallization (sputter, e-gun, thermal evap) wet chemical stations, thermal (oxidation/diffusion, RTP) Lithography, and surface analysis tools.


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  • Leica INM 200 Optical Microscope
  • Leica INM 100 Optical Microscope
  • Zeiss Supra 40 Scanning Electron Microscope
  • Veeco Dimension 5000 SPM
  • Sentech Ellipsometer
  • Prometrix Auto 4-point probe
  • Alessi 4-point probe
  • Thermo Electron FTIR Spectrometer w/Ge ATR
  • TOHO FLX2320 Thin Film Stress Measurement
  • Veeco Dektak VIII Profilometer
  • Nanometrics Nanospec Film Thickness
  • Rame'-Hart Goniometer
  • Tystar LPCVD Furnace
  • Plasma-Therm 790 PECVD
  • Cambridge NanoTech Savannah 100 Atomic Layer Deposition/updating
  • SCS Parylene Deposition
  • Plasma-Therm ICP-Metal Etch
  • Plasma-Therm Dielectric Etch and DSE
  • Plasma-Therm III-V's
  • Technics RIE
  • March Asher PX250
  • Heidelberg DWL66 Laser Writer
  • Quintel Q4000-6 Contact Printer
  • Karl Suss MA6B Contact Printer
  • Obducat Nano-Imprinter NIL-2.5" Imprint
  • Ultratech Mask Cleaner
  • CEE Spin Coater
  • Headway Spinner
  • CPK Chrome Etch and Base Develop
  • CPK Solvent Develop
  • Blue M Ovens
  • Cole Parmer Ovens
  • HMDS
  • Cole Parmer Digital Hot Plates
  • TPS Digital Hot Plates
  • Raith 150-TWO E-Beam Litho
  • K & S Ball Wire Bonder
  • K & S Chisel Wire Bonder
  • JetFirst RTP
  • MPTC600 RTP
  • MiniBrute Furnace
  • Tystar Diffusion/Oxidation Furnace
  • Thin Film Deposition
  • Cryo-evaporator e-gun Deposition
  • Temescal e-gun Deposition
  • CHA Mark 50 e-gun Evaporator
  • Denton Vacuum Thermal Evaporator
  • Hummer VI Sputter (for SEM samples)
  • AJA 1500 Sputter
  • AJA Orion Sputter
  • Avenger Basic Dual Chamber Spin Rinse Dryer
  • Tousimis Supercritical Drier (MEM structure release)
  • Samco UV Ozone Stripper/Cleaner
  • Acid Hood
  • Base Hood
  • RCA Hood
  • General Solvent Hood
  • Solvent Hood