UT System Manufacturing, Logistics and Sustainment Initiative

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Organization profile

About the UT System Manufacturing, Logistics and Sustainment Initiative


The University of Texas System's Initiative in Manufacturing, Logistics, and Sustainment is an ambitious effort to connect experts across our campuses with industrial partners in locations across Texas and beyond. This initiative will allow us to identify emerging opportunities in the design and use of innovative materials and processing technologies, as well as to create, develop, and deploy an infrastructure across Texas that will support distributed production, reduce the technology gaps between manufacturers and suppliers, and transform post-production logistics and sustainment. The resulting industrial ecosystem in Texas will continue to attract investment, incubate innovation, expand markets, and create jobs in Texas.


Manufacturing, Logistics and Sustainment at UT Dallas


UT Dallas has a rich history in working with industry for cutting edge development. This tradition continues with the UTD’s focus in advanced manufacturing and networked environments for industry. Areas of focus include: 

  • Design and development of an Industrial Internet infrastructure to support digital (distributed) manufacturing as an innovative platform solution and a variety of “point” technical advances such as 3D, robotics control, cloud, etc. This concept is located at the intersection of research & instruction in focal areas in electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.
  • Application-oriented advanced development activity can be supported in our Applied Research Center (ARC).
  • UT Design facility for industry to sponsor and direct with faculty supervision student design projects.